Aluminium letter early review: 28 aluminium material fall

by:AAG     2020-11-07

in early trading on August 28, aluminum cnal. Com comprehensive market analysis: the previous session of the Yangtze river nonferrous aluminum average fell 100 to 16240, the south China sea colored aluminum average dropped 60 to 16540. Aluminum extrusions Shanghai spot contracts at 1709, 16405, 16560, 16330, the lowest at 16525, up 150 or 0. 92%. Aaron aluminum electric 3 early 2104. 00, up to 2112. 00, the minimum 2065. 00, the close of 2071. 50, 26 fall. 50 or 1. 26%. The dollar index opened 93. 27, 93. 44, the minimum 92. 41, the close of 92. 53, 0 fall. 33 or 0. 35%. LME inventories increased 7125 tons to 1321600 tons. The previous aluminium inventories increased by 3138 tons to 489930 tons. News: 1, Mario draghi, the ECB QE practice has been very successful, the euro zone's economic recovery has taken root. Still need significant monetary easing, inflation has not yet reach the goal. Aluminum believe the output gap will be closed, inflation will continue to be near your objectives. Because of the idle labor market and productivity growth is slow, it is necessary to be patient. Can the global central Banks is committed to better communication, and exchange information, in order to improve the trust. 2. 【 Yellen: financial rules should make the economy more strong, any financial reform should be & other; Mild & throughout; 】 The fed chairman yellen: should gently adjusted financial regulation. The fed should be devoted to evaluate financial regulation aluminum. To simplify the volcker rule could be beneficial. Part of the rules may be in a certain extent affect the liquidity in the market. Overall, the bond market liquidity remains strong. The fed chairman yellen's speech at the annual meeting of the Jackson hole global central bank made no mention of monetary policy. 3, bacc the data: construction capacity: as of August 24, China's electrolytic aluminium production capacity of 4487 effectively. 3688, 60000 tons of start. 70000 tons, operating at 82. 19%. Cut the cumulative: as of August 24, 2017 China's electrolytic aluminium production 291. 90000 tons, have been identified for productivity of 270000 tons, or production but not clear the quantity of 550000 tons. Rehabilitation cumulative: as of August 24, 2017 China's electrolytic aluminium production 114. 30000 tons, the production scale on 81. 70000 tons, can also be expected years production 420000 tons of aluminum, ultimately achieve expected years accumulative total 156. 30000 tons. New production capacity: as of August 24, 2017, 262 have been put into operation in China aluminium new capacity. 70000 tons, the new capacity to be put into production in 204. 80000 tons, the years under construction and has the capability of production new capacity of 1. 95 million tons, aluminum expected years can also be put into production in 267. 50000 tons, the expected annual eventually totaled 514. 20000 tons. Today price analysis: the weekend yellen speaking reference to monetary policy, night plate market worries triggered industrial products, Shanghai aluminum with diving. Domestic trading slightly revised, and the overall remain high and volatile, high pressure. Aluminum prices today is expected to fall, for reference only.
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