Aluminium alloy window of fire

by:AAG     2020-11-06

the fire prevention of aluminum alloy window question people ask me, aluminium alloy window can make fire window? I said generally cannot, because the melting point of aluminum alloy at about 660 ℃, a fire burning is melted. Fire window that if you do have to take special measures, some manufacturer has a fire window of aluminium alloy on the market at present, and have a one hour fire inspection report. Why the fire prevention of aluminum alloy window is more and more attention, I want to talk to the national standard 'code for fire protection design of buildings' GB50016 - About 2014. Execution of aluminum after more than two years, more and more people know the necessity of fire window. This standard clear requirements are as follows: building height is more than 54 m's residential construction, every household should have a room to meet the following requirements: 1, should rely on external wall is installed, and should be set to open the window; 2, the fire resistance of internal and external wall should not be less than 1. 00 h, the door of the appropriate USES b and fire door, aluminum window outside appropriate USES refractory integrity not less than 1. 00 h fire window. Window of aluminium alloy window to make fire, mainly from the following several measures: 1, profile within the cavity filled with fire prevention materials; 2, increase steel lining in profile cavity; 3, use fire glass; 4, the use of fire prevention block; 5, the use of fire prevention strip; 6, use fire hardware; 7, special fire protection design; 7, other fire prevention measures.
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