Aluminium alloy profile production quota replacement gradually into the white-hot stage

by:AAG     2020-11-06

aluminium alloy profile production quota replacement gradually into the white-hot stage (Aladdin ALD) Recently visited part of aluminium alloy profiles capacity index holding enterprises, overall feeling capacity index displacement gradually into the white-hot stage. Basically has the following characteristics: rectify illegal capacity into the key stage in accordance with the project of the rectification of aluminium alloy profiles industry violation of special operation work plan to do industry ( 2017). No. 656 of the time required: 1, the enterprise comprehensive ( On May 15 complete) ; 2, local verification ( June 30 complete) ; 3, a special spot ( On September 15) ; 4, supervise and urge the rectification ( On October 15 complete) 。 Two months means, 8, 9 will be aluminium alloy profile production index concentrated period of clinch a deal. And current in July is aluminium alloy profiles capacity index of supply and demand both sides frequent contact, mutual test stage, both the two sides each other psychological price, try to include indexes of important problems such as the demand side to confirm whether the index procedure is complete. Holders demand index price expectations into July, represented by weiqiao and letter to send two more large-scale production of aluminum industry group, aluminum alloy profiles can say that China's electrolytic aluminium alloy profiles to significantly speed up capacity, from one idea to the market participants, aluminum profile irregularities capacity for the name of factory, buy indexes displacement becomes their only way to reduce the loss, so the index of purchasing demand in a short time, concentration, aluminum profile inquiry telephone or visit frequency in the enterprises, the direct pushing up indicator holder for target price expectations. Which, of course, also have individual name aluminum profile of a large number of illegal production enterprises gave up the idea of buying index, index because holders, it is difficult to meet the demand of aluminum alloy profiles are large-scale, 2 it is even higher cost to buy a little indicators for massive violations capacity is a drop in the ocean. Metrics offer obvious region difference (Aladdin ALD) Understand that the current index quotation regional difference is big, but all very clear rising trend. Expectations in Shanxi Province reached 3000 yuan per ton, up and down and henan region due to the previous 1000 yuan per ton and the actual transaction for reference, therefore, hands still have can sell indicators of enterprises at present, for the target price are more relatively rational expectations, basic fluctuates in 2000 yuan per ton. Capacity index between provinces to transfer obstacles due to aluminum profile in henan province is China's old industrial base, over the years, production capacity, idle, who had knocked out, therefore, has the most national capacity index, but the priority of henan province meet the demand of aluminium alloy profile in the province enterprise expansion, temporarily do not allow the capacity index out of the province, clinch a deal has been more than 30, ten thousand tons, there are still some indicator holder on the sidelines. In addition to henan, Aladdin ( ALD) Also learned, liaoning, sichuan and other places are also on the local aluminium alloy profile production index the province set up obstacles. In October the urgency of the index to liquidate before the end of a very strong, as mentioned above, 8, 9 months will be two aluminium alloy profile production index concentrated period of clinch a deal, also means giving holders indicators as profit maximization of time also so much, because for the last time the node after October 15, capacity index of aluminium alloy profile who also touched not pure, possible prices continue to rise, may also be worthless, so for indicator holder, in the hands of sold before the end of October the urgency of the indicators to liquidate also enhanced obviously, this may be part of the production of aluminum alloy profiles' resettlement workers laid off, the last time to grab the last bucket of gold.
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