Alumina 3000 follow-up?

by:AAG     2020-11-08

SMM on September 8th news: four SMM statistics on Friday to a weighted average of prices of alumina breakthrough 3000 yuan/ton, industrial aluminum came to 3066 yuan/ton, from last week rose by 181 yuan/ton, up from the previous week further accelerated. Clinch a deal this week is more active, shandong, guangxi and henan have a objective volume, so not clinch a deal the price rise. According to the SMM research, alumina next week will continue to rise because of market sentiment. Shanxi mining remains tight at present, but the strong bullish atmosphere becomes the leading factor in the market, the price of alumina is bullish, at the same time, need to be mindful of alumina production rose by buried seeds. , according to a survey with alumina enterprises and traders to the market bullish sentiment is still strong, part of a shipper of stock up still stay up and sold, and under such a high price, industrial aluminum still occasionally have to clinch a deal on the market, but also strengthened the grocers bullish style; Henan and shanxi ore nervous now to 19 after big, and the ensuing may face when the heating season of bauxite mining severely, so the market of alumina prices are still relatively optimistic. At the same time, it is important to note that August ( 31 days) Alumina production for 592. 40000 tons, the year-on-year growth in the 19th. 1%, industrial aluminum average daily output is 19. 110000 tons, the average daily output from 2. 6%. Partial oxidation, henan, shanxi aluminium plant because of problems in the ore supplies YaChan, maintenance and repair, but at the same time, because the alumina price rise quickly, July maintenance alumina enterprise all has returned to full capacity, including the weiqiao alumina plant, after comprehensive, alumina production was rising in July in August. Looking forward to September, ore tension still troubled part, henan, shanxi alumina plant, but prices are high, not affected by the supply of ore are full production of alumina, is expected in September, 30 days) Production for 574. 90000 tons. ( Shanghai non-ferrous nets LuoQiaoLing)
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