Alcoa plan will promote a new round of layoffs in recent | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

SMM webex: Alcoa ( Alcoa) Point Comfort plant will promote a new round of job cuts in the near future. Point when Comfort, a spokesman for Kari Fluegel said that 60 employees are expected to be fired, 18 to retire on June 26. 137 on July 23 to leave. Fluegel said, the company will stop production on June 30, into the maintenance and the management pattern, the move to the number of employees have certain requirements. The company last year announced plans to cut 1. 2 million tons of savings. Prices fell by 30% in 2015, lead to sharp cuts in production of alumina enterprise. In early 2016, Alcoa announced Calhoun County plant will stop production, but in order to resume production in the future all keep normal operation of equipment. The job cuts to coincide with the company split into two entities, a main mineral, refining and smelting; Another main production building, aviation, industry and other industry products. Complete separation is expected in the second half of this year. Fluegel said, layoffs is a complex process, perhaps this is not the final round of layoffs. The company also did not intend to completely shut down the factory. This is just a cut, not closed. Shanghai public praise good aluminum alloy processing plant what word of mouth good aluminum alloy processing plant in Shanghai
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