Alcoa association to strengthen the pressure of China's subsidies

by:AAG     2020-11-10

Alcoa association to strengthen the pressure of China's subsidies in the near future, the us department of commerce for imports to China stainless steel, steel products such as manufacture, corrosion resistant plate cutting out high taxes. On September 7, at the beginning of the us department of commerce Chinese imports carbon alloy steel cutting subsidies behavior scale plate products, anti-subsidy tax rate is as high as 210. 5%. Aluminum industry is also in the us blamed China for aluminum production subsidies, depressing prices around the world. Alcoa association, said today the us international trade commission ( USITC) Hearing, calling for attention from China's aluminium industry overcapacity challenges, and encourage the USITC to investigate. A speech by the President of the association of Heidi Brock was prepared before the meeting, hope the government can introduce China & other; Meaningful to discuss & throughout; And increase & other; Very need transparency & throughout; 。 Brock said, China's aluminium demand is slowing, but subsidies on aluminum production is not decreased in number, have to digestive capacity to the world, and that brings us aluminium industry jobs. Reuters reported that China's nonferrous metals industry association ( CNIA) And some aluminum producers will also participate in the hearing. China's Ministry of Commerce will lead a delegation to attend the hearing, the CNIA, vice President of literature will also be at the hearing to defend China's aluminum industry. China clearly has noticed the problem of the electrolytic aluminium industry overcapacity. During the G20 & other; Of the acquisition & throughout; Heads of state of China and the United States after meeting with China's achievements mentioned in the listing: the two sides recognize that because of the global economic recovery is slow and weak market demand, excess capacity increasing, the electrolytic aluminium industry become a global problem, requires a collective response. The two sides will work together to deal with global aluminium overcapacity problem. China nonferrous metals processing industry association had previously said in a statement, not approved & other; Chinese slowdown in demand, a large number of aluminum exports the United States and throughout; That: over the past decade, China has been a global aluminum consumption application of the fastest growing countries. In recent five years, China's expanding domestic aluminum applications ( Especially in the area of transportation and construction) Efforts and achievements in the global aluminum industry is more evident, the slowdown in the global aluminum consumption growth in 2015, under the condition of China's aluminium consumption remains around 8% growth rate, and the markets except China aluminum consumption growth is only 1. 5%. In fact, nearly 10 years, China's annual aluminum net exports accounted for less than 10% total aluminum and the vast majority of aluminum were made by the domestic market to digest. At the same time, China's aluminium exports the United States accounted for the proportion of China's total exports is not high, according to Chinese customs statistics, from 2013 to 2015, the data of 10 respectively. 1%, 11. 5%, 11. 7%. At the same time, China's imports from the United States also aluminum. From 2013 to 2015, China's imports from the United States aluminum accounted for the proportion of China's total imports of aluminum, seven. 1%, 6. 2%, 7. 0%. Are in and out of each other under the background of globalization, it is the result of the complementary division of the world production capacity, product structure, and should not be unilateral interpretation for & other; Dumping & throughout; 。 But Alcoa association believes that China's digestive capacity is the original post in the growing market of aluminum, aluminum jobs less important reasons. In the past decade, China's aluminium production has been growing. In 2000, China's production of aluminium was only 11% of global production, and has been increased to 55%. The United States, according to the association's statistics of aluminium related industry employment plunged nearly 60% in three years, compared with the importance of the aluminum industry in the U. S. economy has increased 15% & ndash; — Aluminum production and consumption is second only to iron and steel metal, consumers increasingly rely on aluminium products, such as aluminium body of fuel-efficient cars, rely on aluminum template of green building, etc. The United States to become second only to China's aluminium market, since 2013, in the United States aluminum new investment more than 2. 6 billion dollars. The aluminum companies have accused China of producers to subsidies for losses caused global aluminum prices have fallen sharply. The us international trade commission ( ITC) When April have start the investigation of aluminium trade, analysts said the move aims to prevent China continuously output of aluminum. “ We are pleased to see committee has begun investigating chinalco overcapacity, & throughout; Brock said, & other; We will be in the healthy development of the global aluminum industry and increasing, and hope that all manufacturers can stand on the same starting line competition. ” Over the past 2014 years, aluminum futures prices fell 20%.
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