air conditioner aluminum coil vs. copper coil that one is effective

by:AAG     2020-11-05
In air conditioning, the coil usually converts the gas refrigerant into a liquid refrigerant, and vice versa, it is used for cooling space.
However, copper coils or aluminum coils will continue to work, however, there are exact differences in their heat transfer capacity, durability and corrosion resistance.
Here we tend to introduce the best of our comments on copper and aluminum coils.
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The difference between copper and aluminum. . .
Cost is the first problem to consider when choosing in copper and aluminum wire coils.
Although some manufacturers are still using aluminum, copper is healthier in all respects than aluminum. Why?
Value is the only factor.
Copper is more expensive than aluminum.
This is why manufacturers use aluminum coils to reduce the cooling value of such luxurious air conditioners, which are usually made in the market for a lot of people who drink coffee or medium value. Pliability (
Quality of simple bending)
The price of copper is far from that of aluminum.
This shows that the copper coil that is bent-formed is much more durable than the aluminum coil.
So to form a constant size and shape, it needs to be about 3 times cheaper than AL.
Copper may have higher heat exchange than aluminum coils, which indicates that copper coils have faster cooling space and higher efficiency than aluminum coils.
This makes cooling more power efficient.
Corrosion can damage the coil, causing the refrigerant gas to leak and make it a brick.
This is why it is necessary to prevent coil corrosion.
Copper coils subject to formal corrosion (
Occurs in the presence of oxygen, water and fatty acids).
Nevertheless, corrosion on copper coils is often avoided by proper daily maintenance and cleaning.
Although in the worst case, corrosion can damage the copper coil, it is economical to repair and use it again.
The AL coil is corroded by current (
The reason for this is that there are 2 metal contacts in the presence of the solution liquid).
Corrosion occurs anywhere an aluminum coil is connected to a copper tube (
Used to connect tubes of indoor and outdoor units with split AC)
Causing leakage of refrigerant.
The worst factor about the aluminum roll is that once it is broken, it is very tired to repair and in most cases a brand new aluminum roll needs to be replaced.
Copper is much stronger than aluminum, and the neatest thing is to prevent copper coil injuries, which is simple and economical to repair, but not aluminum coil.
In most cases, a new aluminum coil needs to be installed on the damage.
However, some companies that produce thin copper coils are trying to reduce value.
This leads to high
Pressure refrigerant discharge, not durable.
Generally, the coils are installed in the condenser outside the house, need to face the hot weather conditions, and need to be cleaned regularly for higher performance and function.
The strength of the copper coil is enough to cope with the bad weather.
Although the aluminum coils are weak and need to be kept in a sturdy coated cabinet, this makes it very difficult to maintain and clean the aluminum coils.
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