Advantage of aluminum wood composite aluminum profile

by:AAG     2020-11-10

aluminum wood composite aluminum profile said the advantages of aluminum alloy aluminum profile & other; A high grade product & throughout; There are some far-fetched. Because of its strong metal characteristics, and high-grade furniture product of form a complete set is larger gap, coupled with the human to & other; Wood & throughout; Aluminum profile, aluminum wood composite gradually become a high-grade aluminium alloy profiles for the market to be bestowed favor on newly. Nowadays, villas, hotels, upscale office occasions can see the figure of aluminum wood composite aluminum profile. Aluminum wood composite aluminum profile advantage significantly structurally, aluminum wood composite external aluminum alloy profile is using wood + aluminum as frame, internal adopts the structure of the heat insolation, the vast majority of the multilayer insulating glass toughened glass. Aluminum gold properties can not only waterproof, moistureproof, and also not easy deformation, suitable for the balcony, kitchen, bathroom and other possible water environment. Aluminum aluminum wood composite aluminum profile can make & other; Wood & throughout; Culture embodied in the aluminum profile products. Aluminum wood composite aluminum interior side is solid wood more, greatly improve the level of the building, good visual effect. Its surface spraying import wood paint, to achieve the effect of moisture, environmental protection, and beautiful. This is pure aluminum alloy profiles. Also because of this, aluminum wood aluminum profile is suitable for the bedroom, study, sitting room strong local cultural taste. In addition, aluminum wood composite aluminum profile still has an important features: & other; Broken bridge + hollow & throughout; Aluminum profile structure got fully embody the energy saving and environmental protection. This kind of structure to enhance the sound insulation and sealing, can have the effect of heat preservation, heat insulation, greatly reduces the heating and cooling energy consumption. Aluminum wood composite aluminum profile, meanwhile, also can use hollow built-in remote shutter system, in the hot sun hot summer, can control the sunlight to enter, control the indoor light and shade.
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