About the die casting aluminum oxide to produce yellow speckle analysis

by:AAG     2020-11-09

about die-casting aluminum oxide film show noise phenomenon after oxidation, according to my ten years of experience and customer common scientific experiment experience analysis, presently summarizes conclusions as follows, please refer to the correct: a. Die-casting aluminum acid anodized noise phenomenon: as is known to all, pure aluminum anodic oxidation treatment is a mature technology, extensive application of various fields, and main component is 3 oxidation 2 aluminium oxide film after anodic oxidation, because of different materials show a single transparent color, light yellow and so on, after dyeing closed is insulation, shows all kinds of beautiful color; According to the customer on nowadays market with both sides talks things over, die-casting aluminum anodic oxidation processing are also widely, especially after hard oxidation treatment because of its anodic oxidation surface hardness in the widely used auto parts, easy to wear parts. For die casting aluminum alloy aluminum, magnesium, silicon, copper, zinc, iron and other ingredients, using cooling mold release agent in die casting process containing organic and inorganic substances, such as calcium carbonate, etc. Chemicals that cause more than die-casting aluminum acid anodized oxide film formed in the process of opaque, showing the chemical reactants and 3 oxidation 2 aluminium mixed colors, brown, yellow, dark green stripes, usually dyed black processing in order to reduce as far as possible to cover some different color, colour and lustre is almost the same effect, specific the oxide film color the chemical composition of the customer can together a detailed analysis of the metal. And die-casting aluminium in alkaline anodic oxidation is little or no this kind of phenomenon, such as the former Soviet union are widely used in military products of micro-arc oxidation, micro-arc oxidation technology in our country is still not fully mature, due to their high cost, aluminum profile product quality stability and low yield of defects, but there are some advantages because of its process itself or many customers actively develop applications, a large number of laptop die-casting magnesium alloy cover is to use spray again after micro-arc oxidation of putty. two Solution to the die casting aluminum acid anodized noise reference: according to the number of years and customer interaction, try to study together, through the actual verification it is concluded that the following several kinds of methods, can be solved or partial die-casting aluminum acid anodized noise phenomenon: 1. Use appropriate material die-casting molding, use less as far as possible need not or back to the furnace charge; 2. Die casting mould design is reasonable, the die casting machine model is used properly, improve the product density; 3. CNC machining before light grinding processing; 4. Light grinding processing oxide sandblasting ago until place products foreign body and the formation on the surface of aluminum alloy room work hardening layer; 5. On the premise of customers to accept by 30. 3 - 1. 0 sandblasting sand mold heat.
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