Abandoned oil from electricity to break through the core automotive aluminum broad prospects

by:AAG     2020-11-10

abandoned oil from electricity to break through the core automotive aluminum prospect in recent years, the topic of green travel has become a global people's participation, the first is a series of optimization on motor vehicle emissions. From raising fuel standards, vigorously develop new energy to eliminate fuel car plan, around the world to carry out in full swing. Only since the second half of 2017 has several countries announced plans to eliminate fuel car, setting a deadline is in Norway in 2025, India was in 2030, Britain and France in 2040. While China shout out to all 2025 to stop selling traditional fuel cars products, achieve the full spectrum of electrification products; This is undoubtedly in the global market for fuel car added a fire. The train run quick whole is take by car, new energy vehicles can rise of popularizing the key still lies in the core technology. So-called iconoclastic, shabby must ensure that new products mature at the same time, the time of the countries to halt to the sale of fuel in the node can be effective implementation, ultimately depends on the replacement market can truly mature. On the one hand, to solve the problem of battery power, on the other hand innovation to optimize manufacturing materials. Aluminum manufacturers and compared with the traditional fuel cars, on the premise of the battery and power is difficult to break through bottleneck, in order to maximize the travel distance increased, solve the problem of electric automobile lightweight appears more urgent. Sheet are made from materials, aluminum alloy is of choice, is second only to the car with metal material of steel. Of aluminum alloy die casting in the field of car consumption accounted for the highest, about 80%, aluminium alloy extrusion and rolling application in car accounted for about 10%. From downstream aluminum industry chain one by one view, the casting aluminum alloy automotive aluminum accounted for about 80%, the future of aluminium alloy vacuum die casting technology will be the most promising in the field of technology. Extrusion technology has been relatively mature, nanshan aluminum, zhong wang group in our country and the asia-pacific science and technology have been walking in the world. Body covering parts and automobile body stamping assembly technology requirements are relatively high, most of the imports by the car companies or joint venture. But from the current automobile manufacturing market point of view, the popularization of the cost is still the automotive aluminum one big obstacle. Subject to the cost, in addition to part of the big luxury automotive aluminum cannot scale used in the manufacturing process; At the same time, all aluminum body repair and maintenance cost is relatively high. Various automobile manufacturing enterprise are also facing a choice between steel and aluminum, are not comprehensive in automotive aluminum popularity, cost, reliability, aluminum manufacturer still need to weigh the strength and quality, etc. The future market, the development of new energy limited internal combustion vehicle has become inevitable, bottlenecks and automotive aluminum will break through all sorts of barriers into the vast consumers. Predicts 2020, the China passenger car bike with aluminum amount will reach an average of 231 kg, the average annual compound growth rate of 15%. Early in our country has made the car lightweight three-step plan, plan to cycling, in 2020 of 190 kg of aluminum, magnesium bicycle use quantity to 15 kg, achieve a bike, in 2025 of 250 kg of aluminum, magnesium bicycle use quantity is 25 kg, achieve a bike, in 2030 of 350 kg of aluminum, magnesium bicycle with 45 kg. And according to related statistics, 2015 cars with a capacity of 3. 12 million tons of aluminum in China, is expected to 2020 cars with a capacity of 5. 1 million tons of aluminum in China, according to automotive aluminum alloy 40000 yuan/ton market price calculation, the market space of up to 250 billion yuan. 2016 - Compound annual growth rate of 12% in 2020, of which the SUV and new energy vehicles will be the fastest growing areas of automotive aluminum.
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