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The advantages of the global supply chain are highlighted

The advantages of the global supply chain are highlighted


The development of aluminum profiles in China has reached the professional level of developed countries. The GB5237/5238 high-precision standards are also recognized internationally as the European and American standards. Brilliance Group has been committed to the development, research and innovation of aluminum profiles and aluminum products for more than 20 years, providing professional aluminum application solutions for many well-known customers at home and abroad, which not only lays a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company, but also helps the company in the industry A professional, sincere, and efficient image has been established inside, making our customers feel at ease to hand over old products and new projects to us, and even when their country initiated anti-dumping of aluminum products produced in China, we immediately The coordination of Southeast Asian supply centers within the group was initiated.

In 2019, Australia established anti-dumping tax rates on Chinese aluminum profiles, aluminum doors and windows, etc., which made the Australian system aluminum profiles, doors and windows developed by many Chinese suppliers temporarily become inventory, and also caused Australian customers to implement this tax rate. The supply chain is broken and distressed. The Australian TN customer who has been negotiating with us for a large-scale curtain rod product suddenly fell into a deadlock.

Brilliance Group immediately started the project team. The project manager rushed to our Indonesian factory to reopen the mold and make samples. Due to the sudden epidemic in 2020, the progress of the aluminum curtain rod project was slow, but we still did not give up, and finally followed the customer’s project. The node submitted qualified curtain rod samples. Customers are also impressed by our professional service and sincere management. On this Thanksgiving Day, they placed us a full cabinet of curtain rod orders and said that this is just the beginning, and there will be several cabinets every month. Orders.

Brilliance Group is also very grateful to customers for their trust in us. The advantages of the global aluminum profile supply chain will provide customers in Europe and the United States with long-term services.