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First victory at the end of the year

First victory at the end of the year


The golden autumn October is the first month of the peak season for all walks of life. Everyone is scrambling to grab orders and do their best. The friends of Brilliance Group are no exception. They did not relax during the National Day holiday and kept keeping with customers. Contact, reply to customer questions in time, and win the trust of customers with our professionalism and the service tenet of customer is God.After everyone's unremitting efforts, the first month of the last quarter of the year ended successfully, and both Shanghai and Guangdong achieved good results.

In order to share the joy with everyone, in order to let everyone relax after the stressful work, and to increase confidence and inject motivation for the continuous preparation for the next two months.The company’s leadership specially arranged, the personnel department inspected the facts, carefully selected, and thoughtfully prepared everyone to have a wonderful party with good eating, singing, playing, and having fun.

You see, in order to score a goal, colleagues in Shanghai are constantly looking for the best angle, and even climbed up the table just to get a more accurate goal position; the Guangdong friends are not far behind, in order to make everyone laugh, break the routine, and try new things bravely. Show everyone that you have never done embarrassment before.

Thank the company leaders for their recognition and encouragement. Everyone feels warm and believes that the next two months will work harder to seize this peak season and persevere in order to achieve a comprehensive victory.

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