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Aluminium applications--1

Aluminium applications--1


2020-2021 is the biggest and most comprehensive challenge facing the world in the 21st century. It has been nearly two years since the discovery of a virus that has no official exact information until its global spread. In the past two years, everyone has not only suffered from the physical discomfort, danger, and fear brought about by this, but also the political and economic chaos and fluctuations that have caused people to suffer from top to bottom.
As the first country to experience a full-scale outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, which has led to suspension of work and production, limited supply of medical supplies, and hindrance of people’s daily life and travel, the army and medical team led by the Communist Party of China have demonstrated their national strength to the world at the speed of China. Responsibility has also become the fastest resumption of work and production in the world, and has undertaken the guarantee of global material supply in the past year.

The widely used aluminum products further demonstrate his role, from the movable and simple structure of the board room to the two new coronary pneumonia emergency treatment center hospitals established within 10 days of Thunder Mountain and Vulcan Mountain; the advantage of aluminum alloy is light. It also provides the best solution for material-saving, energy-saving, and labor-saving hospital beds; the environmentally friendly resin paint is attached to the aluminum material through the PVDF process, which not only provides weather resistance for external buildings, but also provides designers with a variety of colors. They are favored.

In this world environmental protection is further increasing the pace, and the energy conservation and clean energy development and utilization measures formulated by various countries, aluminum has become the first choice for the leading research and development materials of many car companies because of its light weight performance and recyclable advantages in energy. . As a veteran in the aluminum alloy industry, Brilliance group is focusing on the development of auto parts in sync with the market.