Aluminum tube and square

4040 aluminum Angle code 4040 aluminum Angle aluminum bracket Angle of 90 degrees of fittings

by:AAG     2020-11-12
Two pieces of profiles can be very convenient connection to 90 degrees, use need T bolts and hex nut assembly. The company production and sales of various models gb oubiao aluminum and aluminum accessories: Angle code: 2028 3030 4040 4545 3060 4080 4590 6060 8080 3 d Angle fittings such as pieces of steering Angle of bolt and nut: T bolt ( National standard and European standard) T nut ( National standard European standard) The slider square nut ( National standard European standard) Elastic nut elastic piece of nut cylinder head hex socket round head hex socket square nut flange nut and other fittings: word article fitting groove fittings elastic fasteners built-in fittings fittings 1530 2040 fitting Angle groove fittings hinge assembly, such as: 2020 3030 4040 4545 5050 6060 nylon hinge detachable zinc alloy hinge hinge door touch door suction L T connection plate connection plate decoration such as metal handle nylon handle: PVC flat soft sealing strip seals article u-shaped slot cover plate, plug, etc
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