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4. If 0 contributes to promoting the development of intelligent control product market run | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

' 4. 0' Is an umbrella term, refers to the fourth generation of the industrial revolution, often referred to as & quot; Manufacturing informatization & quot; - can also be understood as a fit of traditional automation and information technology. ” 4. 0' Basic concept of modular aps information physical system, the system can be realized at the same time of coordinate operator real-time communication between each other, automatic judgment, to adjust the production process as needed. In order to design the ideal of the new product, machinery manufacturers in selecting the operation of the associated control equipment need to consider the following: a few years ago, logic control have been unable to meet demand, the industry is still widely used programmable logic controller ( PLC) To control the machine equipment, the PLC can not only deal with discrete input signal and the discrete output signal, and can perform the order process. Normally, the operation of the PLC will connect an independent controller, and adjust the controller through the field bus and cooperate with the servo drive. This way now, however, obviously cannot meet the demand of industry, digital manufacture need multiple complex tasks can be executed in parallel machine controller. Therefore, the demand of promoting the development of the programmable automation controller ( PAC) 。 Modern PAC platform is an enabling technology, customers can through the PAC platform manufacturing & quot; 4. 0' The required production equipment. This contains a single hardware platform across different disciplines of logic and process control, motion control, visual, high-level programming language and software development tools, so as to solve the problem of interface, easy to understand the principle of modular design. Note: when choosing the next generation control platform, please confirm the selected platform is in accordance with the relevant industry standards ( Such as IEC61131 - 3 and PLCopen) Regulation, in order to reduce risk. Connectivity is the key to realize the maximization of the overall effectiveness of higher flexibility, and equipment, the production process needs to be adjusted automatically according to the demand of the change. Therefore, not only to install the smart devices can real-time dialogue between each other, but also need to have a as a central hub controller platform, can be achieved from the seamless two-way communication network to the actuator. In order to avoid potential bottlenecks, should choose to support industrial Ethernet protocol of intelligent field devices, in order to communicate with control system. Equipped with integrated network release function of programmable control system helps to release data anytime and anywhere, and when necessary to facilitate remote maintenance. Influence the design of electrical control panel due to automatically adjust the manufacturing process requires accurate position control, so as people more and more tend to choose small batch size and demand of large-scale production, the use of the servo driver is bigger and bigger. However, to increase the number of servo driver need to install a larger electrical control cabinet, otherwise it may increase the installation problem. The current solution is the use of servo drive system, the system is equipped with the central power supply module, in order to reduce the amount of using external components. Development of modern multi-axis system also is equipped with a stack type biaxial and triaxial module, thus greatly reduced the size of the control panel. In addition, because of the single core cable servo motor is incorporating position feedback signal to the motor power cord, so compared with before, the cost of the cable fell by half. Before the next generation of mechanical product development, understand the park based on the new PAC EtherCAT servo drive controller and the PSD is how to help customers improve the machine performance, at the same time, shorten the development time, installation, and operation cost.
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