3030 oubiao industrial aluminum alloy frame assembly line accessories work station of the workbench display case

by:AAG     2020-11-14
City industrial equipment co. , LTD. , industrial aluminum use scope is extremely broad, strong commonality, especially the developed countries in Europe and the us is very pay attention to environmental protection, it with the environmental protection, assemble and disassemble this company is one of the regional authority industrial aluminium profile design and production enterprises, developed a whole series of industrial aluminum products and accessories, industrial aluminum many varieties, specifications complete, suitable for all types of machinery; Without welding, adjust the size of convenient, easy to change structure; High standard strict size tolerance, surface finish; Convenient and quick assembly work, high productivity; Anodized on the surface, corrosion resistance, beautiful and easy, can improve product added value: to bring you the new concept of the mechanical structure, to provide you with new scheme of Jane and easy equipment frame, flexible, perfect space of high and new technology. Suitable for application: production assembly line, assembly line operation table, office partition, screen, industrial fence, all kinds of frame, display shelves, shelves, machinery dust seal cover, etc.
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