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2016 xinjiang region plan production 350000 tons of electrolytic aluminium electrolytic aluminium factory | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

on April 19, according to data display; Xinjiang aluminium design annual production capacity of 9. 33 million tons; Plan production 350000 tons of electrolytic aluminum in 2016; In 2015 the region was about 1. 39 million tons of electrolytic aluminum production. Tianshan aluminum plan in the third quarter increased two generating units; Then the production of 200000 tons of electrolytic aluminum in September. Kayuen 150000 tons of electrolytic aluminum production at the end of April; Production is expected by the end of may. Due to the xinjiang region electrolytic aluminium production capacity tends to saturation; Electrolytic aluminium release rate is slowing. In addition, According to the reporter field survey; The local government has not approve new aluminium projects; At the same time. Due to the excess supply as well as the market downturn; Has been approved but there's no building construction project will be delayed.
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