Aluminum tube and square

2/3/4 inch castor forma wheel component level adjustment castor castor castor wheels aluminum components accessories

by:AAG     2020-11-12
City industrial equipment co. , LTD. Mainly produces sales: industrial aluminum extrusions, lu: xingcai and accessories, all kinds of non-standard aluminum alloy frame, industrial units, pipeline, etc. ; Cast aluminum parts are: aluminum bracket, right Angle, T nut, the slider nut, nut outside shots, marbles, nut, shrapnel nut, T bolt, half shaft fittings, diagonal pieces of built-in Angle code, any fittings, connecting a word, the three dimensional Angle of parts, fittings / 45 degrees 135 degrees, L T plate board, nylon hinge, zinc alloy hinge, handle, f the feet wheel, universal wheel, foot cups, goblet castor components, joint foot stumbles, stainless steel foot stumbles, aluminum plate, sealing side adornment, adjustable handle, the five-star handle, drawer slides, etc.
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