18 vanish without aluminum city: Aaron aluminum this week has been price down Shanghai oil last week's soft movements

by:AAG     2020-11-09

Sunday night doha frozen produce agreement didn't reach the final result, or want to discuss again in June. The price of crude oil, or will drop by this news on last Friday, and fall in Aaron aluminium market will be affected, estimates that Aaron will be down to 1520 - aluminum on Monday $1550 range. Shanghai aluminum market last week blocked 12000 yuan integer bit soft movements of oil prices on the material this week on the continuation of potential. Now aluminum market in aluminum prices back downstream receiving will or strengthen, so use scientists have feared before good mood and more cautious purchasing or wait-and-see attitude temporarily. Today the guangdong area aluminum ingots to the material down 30 - quotation 50 yuan per ton, price range - in 11920 11970 yuan per ton. Reading extension: aluminum futures after suppression Yang first China cancelled some aluminum export tax rebates, clinch a deal the regional differentiation of short-term will stimulate exports but not long-term impact on spot prices flat clinch a deal the active enhance China march unwrought aluminum and aluminum exports of 420000 tons
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